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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sorry for being MIA on here...the end of the year got crazy for me.  May Day, end of year report cards, gifts, slideshow and packing up my room all had to get done before the end of May.  It was crazy, but it all got done...only to have to set it up all again for the new school year.

I have been enjoying my summer spending time with my family and friends.  It was very relaxing and fun.  Too bad, my husband couldn't take off to enjoy least we have the weekends.

I head back to school on July 28th.  I will be going back to work next week since my room should be ready...floors waxed, carpet shampooed, windows and fans wiped down.  Hats off to the custodial staff at my school.  They work so hard, yet clean all classrooms over the summer break.

I want to wish  you all a fabulous new year with your new bunch of kiddos.

See you all soon...xoxo,

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