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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Volcano Time!

We are so lucky we live on an island!  We have been learning about volcanoes over the last week and to finish off the theme we made paper mache volcanoes.  We used mini milk cartons from lunch for the base.  The project took a few days, one to do the paper mache, another to paint and a third to erupt. 
After eruptions, students wanted to take home their volcanoes,- no way they were taking home sticky soggy volcanoes. I had not planned on them being so attached to them… silly me… they did turn out really nice, so I made a deal- we throw them all away and we make clay models that they could reuse.  DEAL!

PS. To obtain excellent eruptions when students are not around I added a little red food coloring gel inside the milk container and a drop of dish soap.  Students used a funnel to add baking soda and a squeeze bottle to pour in the vinegar.

Here is a photo of the clay volcanoes too.. (which was even longer process… by oh well)  I know they will be reused!

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