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Friday, December 27, 2013

January Writing Journal

January will be here soon... and I just finished my January writing journal.
This is the journal I use each morning. The format is simple to foster students to be self starters. The left side includes a name and date section as well as a quick math review. Right side includes writing prompt, picture box and lines. All you have to do is run the set double sided, staple as a book and you are ready to go for the month. This journal has 20 days worth of journal pages. This is a simple way to start each day. I prefer this over the composition books because the prompt is written out each day. This packet contains 2 sets of January journal that have been differentiated for two levels of kindergarteners. The first set is on track level and the second is slightly lower level. Students complete a left and right page each morning. Left Page includes Name and date, simple sentence reading and CVC word writing as well as simple addition and making 10 question. For the lower level set the left page has addition using pictures and number writing practice. 
Easy way to differentiate. Writing everyday creates writers!

You can pick it up in my TPT store

Here's a picture from last month's journal from a Kindergarten Friend.

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