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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Cards... Printmaking

There's nothing better than homemade Christmas cards.  Today in Kindergarten, we made cards for our friends and family members.  Since this was the first time I did printmaking with this group of friends, I decided to have them do snowmen for their first print and then I let them do another one of their choice.  To prep for this activity, I cut the bottom of styrofoam to go containers, or you can use plates.

Step 1:  Have students draw on the styrofoam with a pencil.  It is important to press hard and use thick lines.

Step 2: Roll paint on styrofoam.

Step 3:
Flip on top of construction paper and apply pressure...
Step 4:
Make as many prints as you need.  Re ink as you go along.

Happy Holidays...

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