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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our First Directed Drawings and It's November Currently Time

Halloween was a wet one for us here in Hawaii.  Our school had a parade for the students in grades preK to 3rd in the morning.  My kinders came to school dressed in their Halloween costumes and we walked along the fire lane for our parents and upper elementary students (grades 4-6).  We made it one time around before we got drenched!!  Other than that, we did have fun showing off our costumes.

I followed the Fall Favorites Blog Hop and came across Elyse Rycroft from Proud to Be Primary.  She had the cutest directed drawing of Frankenstein...which she called "Franken-Buddies."  I love directed drawings and I am always impressed with my students' work.  Even my most reluctant artists are able to complete one and are very proud of what they have created.  Stop by her blog and pick up her easy to follow directions for a great art activity.

It's time for Farley's November Currently...head down to her blog to join in on the fun!

Listening:  Law and Order: SVU.  It a favorite of mines and I'm watching the reruns on USA Network.

Loving:  It's been really hot and humid lately in Hawaii and I'm happy that it's cooling off here.  I also love my students first directed drawing of Frankstein that we did for Halloween.

Thinking:  Christmas is 7 weeks away...How fast it's approaching and things I have to get do and get ready for.

Wanting:  The cooler weather to stick's not fun teaching in a portable with temperatures reaching 90 degrees with only the windows open and ceiling fans to try and cool us off.

Needing:  I signed up for a 3 credit course about our new Language Arts Program:  Wonders.  It's due soon and I have to get moving on finishing everything up, but I will be out this week for a 2 day conference.  Not great time management and planning on my part :(

Reading:  We are moving along with our new program...lots of bumps and road blocks along the way, but it's been nice to see my kinders understanding the different concepts.  Currently trying to plan out the next couple weeks which is why I am reading Unit 4.  2 more weeks to go.

Happy November...xoxo,


  1. Wow! You live in Hawaii!! I am jealous! It must be such a beautiful place to teach! I live in NJ and it has been cold here all week! How is Wonders? We use Journeys and its just okay We pull bits and pieces that we like to use.


    1. Hi Kristen,
      I was born and raised on the island of Oahu. It's a wonderful place to love,but expensive 😉. Wonders has been a learning experience so far. There are lots of things that I need to fit in our school day. It's been overwhelming trying to get everything in with the other subjects I have to teach. I like it and it's a step up from the program we used to use. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Sorry it took a week to "follow the rule of 3" but found your blog on the Nov. Currently linky & wanted to say Hello.

    I haven't heard of Wonders - sounds like an intense curriculum, but such is life with a new curriculum adoption (at least in my experience)?!?!

    Those Franken-buddy directed drawings are DARLING! Did they use watercolors for the coloring? I may have to keep this in mind for Halloween 2015. I agree, the kids feel so successful with directed drawings - I do one of the Statue of Liberty for Constitution Day in Sept. My Kinders do such good work & they're so proud of their pictures...presh!

    Stay cool - I'm jealous {HI, really...a girl can dream, LOL!}!!!!

    1. Hi Kristan,
      You are so correct about a new curriculum adoption...intense, stressful, overwhelming are just a few things I am feeling since August. It's a step up from the older curriculum we were using though and I do like many parts of Wonders. Not looking forward to our new math curriculum that we will be doing next year...aaahhhh

      Yes, they used watercolors and had a blast! I found some cute directed drawings for November that I need to get started on since we are halfway done...sigh!!

      Thanks for stopping by...looking forward to next month's linky :)

      xoxo, Julie